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University of Galway IdeasLab showcase in Madrid

Natalie Walsh, from University of Galway IdeasLab, presented the Empathy Studio in partnership with Boston Scientific and SymPhysis Medical at the University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) conference in Madrid last week.

Key take-home messages were: Empathy as a Critical Future Skill, Intersection of Ethics and Empathy and Empathy and Entrepreneurship: Solving Global Challenges.




Empathic design was at the forefront of the excellent presentation from Natalie which at SymPhysis Medical is key to the development of our device which will be used by patients by themselves in their own homes.

During the conference work was highlighted on developing student entrepreneurial skills and bridging the gap to creating a business. There were fantastic initiatives discussed for Europe and particularly strong representation for Ireland with Atlantic Technological University also highlighting their entrepreneurial program.

Supporting programs like this is important to develop talent and creating the mindset of future innovators. To see the focus on this across Europe and to see Ireland at the forefront has been the highlight of this conference.

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