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Placement and Intern Programme

SymPhysis Medical is proud to have in place a flourishing placement programme in which students of Engineering backgrounds can come into our dynamic environment to undertake their work experience and enjoy the new challenges that arise from working in a start up office & lab environment. At SymPhysis, we find that placement students collaborate, acquire new skills, gain valuable professional development and make a meaningful contribution to our team. 


Ailise Fahy
Bio-Medical Engineering, University of Galway

Ailise Fahy

I gained invaluable knowledge and insight into the medical device industry during my 8-month placement at SymPhysis Medical. Throughout my placement, it was evident that SymPhysis Medical is a patient-centric company that puts patients’ comfort and independence first. The dual role of R&D and DA Engineer gave a well-rounded perspective and enabled a collaborative experience with the whole team. I really enjoyed my time at SymPhysis Medical and feel positive about my future as a Graduate Engineer.


Dean Hynes
Mechanical Engineering, University of Galway


I have gained a broad range of valuable experience at SymPhysis Medical over the last seven months of my student placement as a mechanical engineer. SymPhysis Medical provided valuable opportunities to work across several departments, particularly Design Assurance and R&D. As a small, close-knit team, I quickly built strong positive relationships with my colleagues. The company has been very accommodating in ensuring the work I undertook was not only valuable to the company but also to myself, providing insights and challenges that are invaluable to my career development. From my time in SymPhysis Medical I have gained a new perspective of the industry in which I am starting my career and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here.        


Ijeoma Nkwonta
Strategy and Innovation Intern, University of Galway


My experience working with SymPhysis was indeed a great way to get Irish work experience. I had supportive colleagues who were always willing to give me perspectives – as I was new to the sector. If you love taking charge of your projects end to end with no micromanagement whilst desiring leaders who are proactive to ask you what you think and value your contributions and judgement – then you will find that in SymPhysis Medical. The best of the experience you will ever get in an Irish Medtech startup for sure!


John McIntyre
Bio-Medical Engineering, University of Galway

John McIntyre

My time with Symphysis medical was a huge learning experience, as I had the opportunity to work with both quality and R&D engineers. I was treated as a part of the team in everything I did, and I never felt like I was simply an intern. I was given meaningful tasks that impacted the R&D process. I also found the team incredible helpful and understanding, and they ensured that I learned a lot from the placement without feeling overwhelmed.

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