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The founding members of SymPhysis Medical, Tim Jones and Michelle Tierney, identified malignant pleural effusions (MPE) in cancer as a significantly undermet need whilst participating on the BioInnovate Fellowship, a specialist medical device innovation programme affiliated with the Stanford BioDesign programme.


Tim Jones BEng BSc

Tim Jones

Tim has extensive commercial and technical experience with a BEng in Materials Engineering with business studies and a BSc in Medical Device Innovation. Having cut his teeth in product development as managing director of a start up in the UK, he has since focused solely on Medical Devices, working as a Senior Research & Development Engineer at Medtronic. On completion of the BioInnovate Fellowship Program in 2017 his drive has been to develop technology within the interventional pulmonology space where he has built strong relationships with industry leaders and clinicians alike. Working closely with healthcare professionals and patients is a key motivation to his passion in the Medtech sector.

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Michelle Tierney BSc MSc PhD

Michelle Tierney

Michelle is a Scientist holding a PhD in Chemistry and has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed chemistry journals. In 2013 Michelle moved into industry to work as a Pharmacologist with the multinational ICON plc, one of the top CROs globally. In 2017 Michelle completed a Specialist Diploma in Medical Device Science with NUIG and built on that positive experience by participating in the Bioinnovate Fellowship programme, where she witnessed first-hand the unmet clinical needs in the area of Interventional Pulmonology. Michelle is driven to develop a patient-centric clinical solution that positively affects the health needs and quality of life of patients.

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